Your House

Aside from your family, your house is your most precious asset. And naturally, with all that is important, the selection of who will handle the buying and selling of your property is crucial.

Delta Settlements are a Settlement Agency – the end of the chain if you like. Once you’ve made the decision to buy or sell, it is the settlement agency who ensures that all legal requirements, searches and disbursements are taken care of, ensuring that when the settlement date arrives there are no hitches.

At Delta Settlements we believe the selection of a Settlement Agency, although not representing a great financial investment, is an important decision which should consider the experience, knowledge and care of the agent.

It’s worth taking a few moments to think about.

While the core service provided from one settlement agency to the next varies little, the experience, knowledge and communication skills of an agent can mean the difference between a successful settlement, and one that doesn’t happen at all.

All settlement agencies are not the same. While the selection of an agent to handle your real estate transaction may not be a high priority, the penalty for selecting a bad one warrants a few moments to see how the alternatives stack up. Delta Settlements believe that aside from the obvious knowledge and ability to ‘do the job’, the effectiveness of a settlement agency comes down to communication, care, experience and knowledge.